It's one of those things that everyone has plenty of, and most of it is something you don't want. There are, however, those rare insights that stick with you, and make you see a situation in a whole new light. 

Whether intended or not, those little words that run through your ears and into the left hemisphere of your brain like a sledge hammer are key in changing your life in some way. I wanted to share with you some life-changing quotes from my life. Who knows, one of them may be just the thing you needed right now.

1. "It's not done 'til it's overdone!"

This was something I heard at a floral design show. The aged designer was up on stage, demonstrating his silk floral skills, and he was showing off the same arrangement in different stages of completion. As the slideshow went on, you began to like the arrangement more, until this point where you went, "..oh...what has he's kind of...maybe too much?" BUT THEN the big reveal of the finished piece was a gem. It was better than any other point in the slides, and you wouldn't have imagined the piece as anything but over-the-top, but also totally perfect. I have used those very words in chair construction. Believe it or not, there are some moments where I lost the vision I had in the beginning of a project and feel like I've hit a wall. But, I just keep going. Keep adding. Changing. Working with it to help it become what it wants to be. I think those words were some of the best creative advice I have ever gotten.

2. "Don't be different, be better."

The second best creative advice I've ever gotten. This applies to so many other aspects of life, though. I used it in my business planning: I'm not the first chair upholsterer, but I can be the best in my niche. Define yourself and strive to set yourself apart. I have used this quote getting up in the morning: I don't want today to be different than yesterday, but I want it to be better. It is so versatile, you can LITERALLY apply it to any situation! Which brings me to my next quote...

3. "Put Coconut Oil On It!"

Seriously. My son's eczematic scalp skin. (Is that redundant? Is it just called "Scalp"? Head skin?? Can I use "eczema" as an adjective like that? Dermatologists, help me out here...) My dry, itchy winter legs. My POPCORN. Toothpaste. On furniture. Make chapstick. Static-y hair. You can LITERALLY apply it to any situation! At first I wasn't on board with it, but when I smelled it, and saw the real-life benefits, it goes on anything. I'm pretty sure coconut oil can fix a broken heart. Because, science.

4. If they're interested in you, they will find you."

This applies not only to relationships, (which is the context in which I heard it, and it changed my whole dating seriously, let's not try too hard, friends. Being just out of reach makes you more enticing 😉) but to your customers and to your potential job perspectives. Even as I just now wrote that part about "customers" it triggered a thought that I had earlier about writing another email to a prospective client about a chair she has. I was just going to say "hey!" again! and ask if she had a chance to consider the quote I sent her, and then basically verbally force my way into her home by asking when I can come pick up the chair. But no! This quote would suggest that I should just chill. They know my email. They contacted me in the first place. If they are are interested, they know where to go. I'm sure this goes against every sales technique you've ever heard, but let me spin it this way: (this is another brilliant quote I heard, so bonus quote!!) "It's not very often you see commercials for Jaguars." They don't need to get in your face, because their reputation is all the milkshake they need to bring the boys to their yard. So, in business, and romantically, be luxury. Be classy. Be aloof, and you're more likely to attract your ideal partner or client.

5. "Look around you at the 5 people you most associate with. That is who you are slowly becoming."

This one was H E A V Y for me. If you really want the down and dirty back story, here is it: (If not, skip down a few lines..) So back when I was engaged to be married to someone who was ALLLLLLL wrong for me, I was creeping on an old friend's (frenemy, since I'm being totally honest..) Facebook. Turns out she became a body builder, which was so unexpected coming from her, so I wanted to see what all that was about. That was her profile quote. As I read that, I felt like I was hit by a freight train. I did that. I thought about the 5 people I spent most of my time with. My fiance's friends. The very people that I thought I was going to have a positive influence on and change THEIR lives. There were more of them than there was of me, and I could already feel myself becoming one of them. By no longer reacting shocked to the things I heard or saw, I was being transformed. That quote is single handedly the quote that put that marriage to a halt. I am so grateful that I happened to go facebook creeping at that moment on that person when I did. 

So there you have it: The top 5 quotes that have changed my life. Some that carry a lot of weight, and others that are more light-hearted. Please, feel free to email me any quotes you have that have changed you! I always love to collect more wisdom 😊

Till next time, friends!


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