Hello and welcome!

I am Ashley, Chair Extraordinaire at GreenThumbEtc. I am new to blogging, so bear with me through this potentially overwhelming process of trying to be clever in the written word, every week...😉 

Let's start by getting to know one another! I'll start. I love exclaimation points, emojis, and everything furniture related. If this sounds like a few things you can get behind and read once a week, then we should have a wonderful relationship! Also, I am a mother of two and caretaker of a particularly sensitive dog, my Greyhound. 

I'll continue here with more about what I do and where you can find me. I have my online shop, obviously, and I am on Instagram @greenthumbetc. I live in the great state of Minnesota, and I ship my work all across the country. I got started because I wanted to create for myself, and that grew into a business of creating for others when people saw what I was doing, (mostly because I flashed photographs across their facebooks) and came to me with their own ideas of what they were looking for. Once I started, I couldn't stop, so here I am today! 

My goal now is to deliver to you relevent content that you are interested in reading and projects that you want to see. I am here for design advice, insights as to what your furniture style says about you, (disclaimer: no science will be used to determine your furniture personality) and why I think orange and pink are like, so great together. And, the great thing, is that at any point, you can tell me what you want to read about! I will make that happen for you. 

So, thank you for our future moments together, thank you for these few moments you spent with me now, and we will be in touch 😘

Kindly Yours, 

Ashley Green

Chair Extraordinaire