Why the world needs extraordinary furnishings

I am a woman with a vision and a mission. I am here to unite each individual with their very own furniture that is unique to their personality.
I started GreenThumbEtc because I wanted something that I couldn't find: a chair that so perfectly reflected who I was. I wanted one piece in my home that was tailored just for me. I wanted a piece that was so one of a kind, and so personal, that anyone who visited would see that piece and say, "Yep. This is Ashley's home, alright!" I couldn't, however, find that piece that sang to me. One night, as I was sitting in my living room, staring blankly at that one *spot* that needed to be decorated, I had an epiphany. I thought, "Make it yourself." And that's exactly what I did. I took to the internet, searched for the shape and style I wanted, and created my throne. Once it was done, I was thrilled. My room was complete, but that itch hadn't been scratched. I needed more. I ended up completing about 7 or 8 chairs before my partner in life gave me the ultimatum. "Sell these chairs, or I will start finding new homes for them myself," he said. Thus, GreenThumbEtc was born.
That's why I'm here. That's why I create. It is my mission to create for you a piece that is everything you never knew you always needed.
Three things you will discover when working with me is I never say, "no", I never give up, and I always deliver exactly what you are looking for. I have built furniture from the ground up, I have tweaked furniture from the seat up, and I have created items that aren't furniture at all, from an imitation ship mast to a grain scoop replica. My clients are thrilled, my heart is full.
I look forward to working with you! Send me a message, find me online, view my work, and I am positive you won't be disappointed. That, simply, is not an option for me.

Kindly yours,

Ashley Green
Chair Extraordinaire

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